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In Zoey's Head


5 out of 5 Stars 

...can’t miss Zoey’s bright red hair

By Suzanne W. Brunson on August 3, 2014

In Zoey’s Head is a quirky read about one woman’s personal evolution. The author places the protagonist, Zoey, in a radio station. Radio announcers and managers are clever and intuitive about cultural shifts, slang and catch phrases. They are funny, quick, articulate and bigger than life if they are any good in today’s shifting culture. This story is about Zoey’s personal growth as she pours her heart out to her new-found boyfriend who, by the way, is in a coma.

I thought of Wally Lamb’s She’s Come Undone when I first read Zoey. The unique point of view in both books is unmistakable. This is a good book. I give it five stars for it is an excellent example of a first book and how good it can be.


4 out of 5 Stars 

Loved It - highly recommend for a book club !!!

By G. Barry on February 12, 2014

Sandy Ward Bell takes me back to some awesome childhood memories. Her book is fun, thought provoking and a great read. An excellent book club choice as it would lead to some great discussions about many life issues.


By Donna on March 21, 2013
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In Zoey's Head was a fun read about a slightly dysfunctional young adult 
who is trying to make sense of her life. I really enjoyed it and would love 
to know what happens next in her life. I think there is a second book here.

3.50 out of 5 Stars

Forrest Crossing Book Club

Franklin, TN

December 10, 2012


 Becky K. an Australian Blogger 


I have to admit I wouldn't exactly call myself spiritual and because of this I was slightly concerned that the inclusion of faith in the storyline would make it something I couldn?t relate to. I however, found the spiritual aspects of the plot to be both inspiring and fascinating and wholeheartedly believe they added to the overall warm feeling of the novel. In Zoey's Head is a book that will make you laugh, cry but perhaps best of all make you think. I found myself not only connecting with Zoey's but many of the other characters in the book as well. Sandy certainly writes in a way that not only allows you to picture her characters physically but connect with them emotionally as well. In Zoey's Head certainly isn't a story you read and forget about. Long after you read the last page you will find yourself pondering about what has happened and craving to know what?s next. (Sandy is such a tease!) Although In Zoey's Head isn't the type of book I would usually pick up off the shelf, I am so glad I took the time to read it. I certainly enjoyed the insight into Zoey's head. Here's to hoping Sandy writes a sequel!

Check out her site - very cool!


3.5 out of 5 Stars

Legends Ladies Book Club

Myrtle Beach, SC

June 28, 2011


4 out of 5 Stars

Scarlet Dahlia Book Club

Brentwood, TN

June 18, 2011


3.50 out of 5 Stars

PT Newcomers and Neighbors Friday Book Discussion

McMurray, PA

February 11, 2011


3.75 out of 5 Stars

Peters Township High School Reads

McMurray, PA

January 25, 2011


"I laughed outloud, fought back tears, and contemplated the meaning of life. Call me shallow, but if I can get that from any novel, I consider it way more than a break-even experience."  

- S.W. editor of Kindle Nation Daily


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 5 out of 5 stars

"In Zoey's Head" - A Fun and Entertaining Read
 by Richard J. Atkinson "ratkin" (Queensbury, NY USA 
Before I actually begin a review of "In Zoey's Head," it's important to understand how I came to read it. While I'm a persistent and voracious reader, my usual reading material runs to the Urban Fantasy, Mystery, and Thriller genres. The concept of `heartwarming' doesn't usually come up unless there's an external heat source involved. So why did I read "In Zoey's Head"? A combination of greed and a sense of responsibility. I entered a contest to win a copy of the book, based entirely on the fact that the blurb mentioned the main character's love of music, and her habit of using songs to describe the events in her life. Once I had the book, I felt that I owed it to the author to read her book with an open mind. 

By the end of the seventh page, I had really fallen in love both with Zoey and with this excellent book. The description that Zoey gives of growing up with two older brothers, their distinct personalities and relationship she had with them is so universal that you either (a) knew someone just like Zoey when you were growing up, or, (b) you were someone just like Zoey when you were growing up! 

I'm sure that you can find descriptions of the plot of "In Zoey's Head" without forcing me to struggle through one. I will simply say that the author's light and breezy writing leads you through a witty, intelligent story that carries you along so thoroughly that you'll find yourself staying up too late to get through that elusive One More Chapter. Zoey is a delight, and what goes on in her head is well worth your time and attention. 

I strongly urge you to buy and enjoy this book. I may have gotten this one for free, but I will be anxiously waiting for my chance to buy copies of anything else Sandy Ward Bell will write in the future. Once you read "In Zoey's Head," you will be, too.

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4 out of 5 Stars

Trinity Book Club

McMurray, PA

October, 7 2010


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4 out of 5 Stars

Lake Colony Book Club

Venetia, PA

October, 28 2010


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4 out of 5 Stars

Book Buddies

Cannonsburgh, PA

November 2, 2010


5 out of 5 Stars

September 8, 2010

Good Enough to Eat - "In Zoey's Head" is a tasty new novel about a radio personality who learns that life is truly is like a radio drama: full of mystery, fun, quirky characters and even a musical soundtrack. Zoey reflects the image of society today, where the voices in your head are never quiet, and you never have time to slow down. The book is chock-full of intense situations with creative outcomes. The character Zoey is so good that you'll want to eat her with a spoon, and you're sure to gulp this book down in just one sitting.

                 - Rebecca Reardon, retired radio announcer



"There's never a quiet moment in Zoey's head. A touching, yet lighthearted and fun read, I sang along as Bell filled the pages with beautiful idiosyncrasies of Zoey. This breakthrough novel is a must read for the MTV generation!"

                 - Holly Christine, author of The Nine Lives of Clemenza 



"I truly love the idea behind the book and Zoey is an incredibly fun character."

                 - Kristen J. Tsetsi, author of Homefront