Sandy Ward Bell


I grew up in Victor, NY with loving parents, an older brother, and younger sister. I received my B.A. in Speech Communications and Public Relations from Geneseo State University, which led to a successful career as a radio announcer and promotion director. Basically radio was my first love. I packed my tan Ford Escort and drove to Augusta, GA, to become the Love Songs Host on Sunny 105. A year later, I was hired across the street at the rock and roll station WRXR. After a few years of marriage, my occupation changed to mother. We moved again because of my husband's radio career; we stopped in Baltimore for five years and then in Pittsburgh for ten. 

The art of storytelling became my new passion. My motto, "You can never be a member of too many book clubs." Writing fiction became a natural next step. My first novel, In Zoey's Head, reflects my experience with the media and pop culture. My second book, Parked at the Mansfields',highlights my appreciation for Jane Austen's timeless story.

I now live in the Nashville, Tennessee area with my husband and a Westie named Molli. I'm currently creating a book of short stories and a few of those will also be part of a Southern writer's anthology.

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